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SQUIDFRY 02.02.23: Reader Royalties

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READER ROYALTIES… Squid is not ashamed to love a good story of love and revenge, so of course Squid is invested in the real-life story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Not only did Squid watch Harry & Meghan on Netflix, but Squid also read Harry’s memoir, Spare, in which Squid was delighted to learn Squid and Harry share a favorite author: Salinas’ own John Steinbeck, about as far away from the English monarchy as it gets.

Harry’s fave is Of Mice and Men, a story about “two blokes” who learn about real loyalty. Harry wrote that one reason he liked the novel was that it was short, and also how disappointed he still is that he and his brother, Prince William, are not like characters George and Lenny. Maybe Squid doesn’t understand how loyalty works, but at the end of the book (spoiler alert!), one character shoots another – out of mercy, but still.

Squid’s own favorite Steinbeck novel is East of Eden, another story of brotherhood, this time about blood brothers involved in a rather unhealthy competition. Squid wonders if Prince Harry read that one – maybe not, because it’s a thicker volume, and Harry wrote that he likes his books “tight.”

Anyway, Squid can relate to East of Eden because Squid also had a toxic sibling, born from the same many-egged shoal on the sea floor, who thinks of themself as cephalopod royalty. For the true story, you’ll need to wait for Squid’s ghostwritten memoir.

SMELL TEST… Though it might come as a surprise to many humans, Squid has an acute sense of smell, which Squid uses to detect whether or not prey is edible, and like certain smells in the air, sometimes things are malodorous.

Such has been the case in parts of Marina for some years now, where a nasty stench sometimes wafts into certain neighborhoods. And despite the efforts of some, including officials from the Monterey Bay Air Resources District, attempts to pinpoint the source of the odor have proven inconclusive.

And because residents keep making a stink about it, the city of Marina is taking matters into its own hands, and announced on Jan. 31 that, in conjunction with the city’s consultant SCS Engineers, it was launching a smell test. From Feb. 6-15, SCS will be screening volunteers to help the company pinpoint the odor’s source (one can express interest in participating at, and the study will occur from Feb. 20 to March 31.

Squid’s never had the chance to smell it Squidself – it comes and goes – but past complaints to the Air District describe it as like “rotting garbage,” “freshly boiled eggs,” “like the bottom of a dumpster” and “poop-related.”

Squid hopes SCS can get to the, err, bottom of it.

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